Choosing a Cat Bed

Would you like to treat your feline friend, but are having a difficult time choosing a cat bed?

Are you bewildered by the range of choices around these days?

Perhaps you haven’t seen the perfect cat bed that your cat deserves yet?

So without further delay, let’s look at three things to think about when choosing a cat bed.

Choosing a cat bed – Type

Gone are the days where a cat is expected – let alone allowed – to sleep on the sofa. These days cat beds are a variety of construction types, all with different benefits for your car.

Starting with a basic bed, then moving onto cushioned beds, these are more traditional fabric construction and are generally open. For the cat that is used to a more luxurious lifestyle, furry and velvet effect fabrics are often used on cat beds for extra comfort.

Moving up in elegance, a cat cave is similar to an igloo, where the cat enters an enclosed spherical dome-type construction. Imagine a cat bed with walls and a roof, but curved into a ball with an entrance hole (not hall!). In addition to igloo-type constructions, cat caves are also available with the more traditional four walls and a roof.

Finally, at the top end of the market for the brand-conscious cat (or owner) there are character cat beds such as Shaun the Sheep, or the luxurious luxury suede cat beds. For cats that prefer to be thought of as princesses, there are also very pink thrones, canopy beds and cushions with four-poster curtain effects!

Choosing a cat bed – Supplier

One of the most important factors in choosing a cat bed is to ensure it’s from a reputable supplier. You need to ensure it’s safe, guaranteed workmanship and made using quality materials.

Amongst the suppliers to look for as ‘top notch’ cat bed manufacturers are:-

  • Bobby
  • Kong
  • Igloo Pets
  • Shaun the Sheep
  • Ancol Pet Products
  • Cat Hampurr

Before choosing a cat bed, know what type of sleeper your cat is

Some cats like to stretch, some prefer to curl up, whilst some cats just prefer to own space. With cushions and open beds, these can be settled anywhere – even on a sofa, floor or bed – so you can keep your furry friend close by.

However, if your cat prefers its own space, you perhaps may be better with a fixed location and a more elaborate cat bed like a cat cave or throne. With these luxury options, the cat can feel more reassured knowing it has its own permanent space and home to relax.

What’s next with cat beds?

As if these choices are not bewildering enough, the cat bed market is constantly innovating. Just coming out now are radiator beds – which include a safe heating element for additional comfort for your furry feline friend.

At this rate of innovation, it’s prudent for you to get choosing a cat bed sooner rather than later. Otherwise, your cat may be expecting a bed as good as your own one in your bedroom!

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