The Best Cat Food for a Healthy Coat

Your cat is like a member of the family.  Whether you are laughing at silly antics like your cat playing with the string from a ball of yarn, admiring the regal sight of your cat stretched out by the fire, or finding comfort and contentment in your cat purring in your lap as you stroke their silky coat you and your family love your cat.  Understandably, you want to take good care of your cat.  You take them for their check-up at the vet, you buy them toys to play with, they have a scratching post to keep their claws sharp and you search for the best cat food for them.

The food you feed your cat plays a critical role in their health.  The nutrients found in your cat’s food help your cat stay strong.  It keeps their beautiful eyes stay sharp, which is necessary for an animal with the soul of a hunter!  It helps them live longer, and it also helps keep their coat healthy and shiny.  Your cat’s coat reflects their health.  A healthy cat will have a luxurious, silky coat that is beautiful to look at and soft to the touch.

Feeding Your Cat

There is a dizzying array of cat foods on the market.  A simple search of the food available will turn up cat food geared toward older cats, overweight cats, and cats with urinary tract issues, to name a few.

Maintaining the health of your cat’s coat should be one of the most important factors you consider when you select their food.  The best cat food for keeping your cat healthy gives them a coat that keeps them warm and protects them from the elements.  A healthy coat, like their whiskers, also gives your cat sensory data.  It also helps them manufacture nutrients, such as Vitamin D.

What should you look for when shopping for the best cat food for a healthy coat?  

Protein is important.  If you have a dog as well as a cat, you may not be aware that cats need more protein in their diet than dogs do.  Cats also require more complex carbohydrates and healthy fats to maintain a shiny, healthy coat.  You should avoid feeding your cats food formulated for dogs and you should look for protein and complex carbohydrates when you shop for cat food.  We know how cats like tuna and other fish, and it turns out the oils found in fish are great for your cat’s coat.   You may even want to enhance your cat’s diet with fish oil and omega-3 supplements, but you should always consult with your vet first.

Weight issues

Weight is also important to your cat’s health and the appearance of their coat.  Overweight cats have a difficult time reaching every part of their coat when they are grooming themselves.  This can result in dandruff.  Obesity can also cause your cat to have a dull, brittle coat.  If your cat is overweight, you may find that losing some of that weight will lead to a healthier, shinier coat.  In that case you may want to look for cat food formulated for weight loss.


There are a lot of online resources you can use in the search for the best cat food for a healthy coat.  Obviously you can research various brands of cat food online.  You can find out their ingredients and figure out if they are formulated to help your cat maintain a beautiful coat.   There are also a lot of websites out there that will tell you what to look for in cat food.  One such website, is a great resource for information on feline nutrition.   Doing a little research online will allow you to make an informed choice about your cat’s food.


Money is also a consideration when you are looking for the best cat food for a healthy coat.  Most of us are a budget when it comes to buying food for ourselves.  We need to stick to a budget when we buy cat food as well but we also want to feed our feline companions quality food.  Recently the internet has given rise to creation of websites that are dedicated to couponing and other ways to save money.  You can use these sites to save money on cat food as well.  One of the best of these websites is  It has coupons that will allow you to save money on a wide variety of cat food.

You can find high-quality cat food to try out and save money.  All that information on feline nutrition and the money saving coupons will help you find the best food for your cat.

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