Top Things You Should Buy For Your Cat

When you are bringing home a kitten or a cat for the first time, it is definitely a great experience that is going to bring you and your entire family a load of fantastic memories which will convince you just how much better the world is when owning a cat.  That being said, you need to make sure you are properly prepared to bring the little furball into your home, so here are the top things you should look at getting set up before s/he arrives!

A litter box

This is where your cat is going to go to the bathroom, so make sure you have a box, a scoop, and litter to go inside of it.  Cats are naturally clean critters, so if you put them in the litter box directly after bringing them home (so they know where it is), you will be able to guarantee that they’ll use it every time!  This is critical to introducing your cat to their new home properly and should definitely be a priority in your supply-buying.

A bed

Cats are notorious for sleeping in all sorts of locations because they love to explore and nap wherever they see fit.  If you want to make sure that they have a good night’s sleep their first shaky days there, they should see that they have a bed.  It doesn’t have to be anything crazy fancy, just a simple little cat bed.  Before too long, they’ll be sleeping on the couch, in your shoe, etc. anyway, so this is just for appearance and their first couple of nights living in your home.  Plus, you have to admit that they look pretty cute all curled up in a bed by themselves.

A scratching post

There’s no question that cats love to scratch and destroy whatever they can get their little claws in.  So, make sure that you keep the damage to a minimum by getting your cat a scratching post that ca be put vertically and/or horizontally depending on what your cat prefers.  This will deter him from shredding your hands or your furniture, and it’s part of their nature that they’re going to want to scratch, so don’t think you can re-train them!

Lots of toys

The more toys that your kitten has, the more occupied they’re going to be.  You need to make sure that they grow up properly with the right development and growth, and a large part of that is by ensure that they have toys to chase and play with.  Despite what you may think, this is very important to how they grow up.


Kitten food is critical for a young cat, especially if their first year.  Make sure you get reputable brand of kitten food and that your cat has it out and available to them throughout the day until they’re a year old.  After that you can put him on a strict feeding schedule.  Kitten food will help him grow up into a strong cat that will bring you plenty of great laughs and photos, too.

Having a cat in the house is a lot of fun, so if you make sure that you have these great things waiting for him in his brand new house with his family, he is going to settle in just fine and will give you lots of great memories.  If you are not sure if you have got all you need, check out this list, and if worst comes to worst, your little furball can never have too many toys, so go buy some more!

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