Top 10 Easiest to Train Dog Breeds

The smartest among “the best friends of man” are the most intelligent animals on the planet. They can be trained to perform a variety of tasks under human command. The intelligence of dogs is related to their breed. Here are ten of easiest to train dog breeds

  • The Bernese Mountain Dog loves nature and open spaces. This dog is extremely careful with children and has a wonderful character. You should start with training from an early age, but Bernies are among the smartest dogs and puppies in the world.
  • The Border Collie is not for everyone. This highly intelligent breed is easy to train and exceptionally obedient. But, remember, you should give him all your time and patience, because this is a herding dog and its instincts are incredibly strong.
  • The Havanese is a unique breed, famous for its desire to please its owners. It is considered a great artist and comedian, a dog that loves to learn new tricks and show off in front of the whole family.
  • The Shetland Sheep Dog, also known as Sheltie, is a very clever dog. Representatives of the breed are great athletes and sought after by people who love agility and other competitive dog sports. Of course, its high energy levels require an owner who will spend enough time with his beloved pet.
  • The Brussels Griffon is smart, robust, kind and devoted to its family. Its small and unique look makes it a preferable breed for people who are looking for a nice dog, that is easier to train.
  • There is a perfect reason why the German Shepherd can be seen alongside policemen and military, saving people from disasters or finding drugs. This dog is eager to learn new things and to please its master.
  • The Standard Poodle is among the most intelligent and obedient breeds. Under the beautiful coat of this water retriever, hides an adaptable, easy to train, affectionate dog.
  • The Doberman Pinscher is a noble and reliable dog. It was created to protect the Tax collector Luis Doberman. This animal is more suitable for more experienced owners. However, with a patient and gentle approach you can accomplish almost everything.
  • The Norwich Terrier is probably the smallest terrier. Nevertheless, this dog is social, confident and strongly attached to its family. The small size is in total contrast to its training abilities. Representatives of this breed are rambunctious, active and absolutely adorable.
  • The Labrador Retriever is maybe the most popular breed in the world. This is a smart, easy to train working dog. A passionate hunter and an exceptional friend, this one affectionate pet is always ready for games and fun.

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