Canna-Pet Guide

Canna-Pet is the leading provider of CBD cannabinoid pet supplements in the market – don’t fall for cheap imitations, as this is the best quality product of its kind available today.

About Canna-Pet

Being the lone creator of these pet products, Canna-Pet has become a market leader in the industry, working together with several veterinary universities to help better understand the effects and benefits of cannabinoids products in pets. You can see a good review about Canna-Pet online.

What are Canna-Pet’s CBD Cannabinoid Pet Supplements?

Using a proprietary method of extraction, Canna-Pet has innovated the pet supplemental market by creating pet foods and supplement blends that feature cannabinoids harvested from quality hemp plants.

They use a blend of cannabinoids and two dozen terpenes that help to create what is known as the Canna-Pet Entourage Effect.

Cannabinoids, such as CBD, are a natural component present in hemp plants that interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), one of several physiological processes in the body that affects various physical and mental feelings, including pain, appetite, nausea, memory, mood, and inflammation.

As a result, various pet foods and supplements are infused with cannabinoids such as CBD and a number of different components that all provide a host of benefits to pets that consume the products.

These supplements are 100% legal and safe for a pet to consume, and all hemp is non-GMO sourced directly from Europe.

Canna-Pet Products

Veterinarians highly recommend Canna-Pet cannabinoid products due to the various benefits that can have on your pet’s health – they are even insurance approved by many pet insurers!

Addiontally, there are no psychoactive effects when consuming these cannabinoid products, so you pet will receive these benefits without any adverse side effects.


Canna-Pet Advanced –  comes in small and large casuals that are available in a number of different concentrations, with cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes all sourced from hemp plants. These are available for both cats and dogs.

Canna-Pet Advanced MaxCBD – offers the highest concentrated product from Canna-Pet, using the largest capacity capsule available. It’s particularly recommended for pets that are in poor health, and is even available in bottles of 30 casuals that offer even more value for money.


Canna-Pet Advanced is also used to create delicious dog biscuits that our pet will adore. Fully organic, the biscuits are the right size for all breeds to consume without issue. The biscuits are sold in boxes that contain around 37-40 biscuits.

In addition to the standard organic biscuits, there is also a range of Advanced MaxCBD biscuits that, like the capsule equivalent, contain the highest concentration of CBD (150g of MAxCBD per biscuit).

Again, there are no psychoactive effects from consuming these biscuits despite the high concentration of CBD.


MaxCBD Liquid offers a 10ml liquid servings for pets. It also contains a high dose of CBD and are suitable for a range of pets including cats, dogs, and even horses.

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