The Low Down On Dog Food

People who own dogs understand the difficulties they face when feeding their animals. Dog food ought to suit their circumstances, and the animal’s tastes and preferences. Also, it should be convenient and simple to serve. In the US, the majority of dog owners either purchase wholesome food from a grocery shop or serve their own raw meals to their pets.

There are three kinds of dog food. These are as follows:

Dried Food — This ranks among the most common commercially available foods. It is user-friendly and more convenient to feed to your pet. This is why the demand for this kind of food is increasing. Dried food for dogs is also referred to as kibbies.

Wet Food — This kind of food is moist and wet, in contrast to the dried type. This food is rich in fat, protein, and water. For this reason, dogs need to be given bigger amounts of this kind of food compared to the dried type.

Raw dog Food — Primarily, the ingredients in this type of food are unprocessed and raw. Lots of dog owners just purchase raw dog food from their local grocery shop. In addition, raw dog food is commercially available in numerous pet shops. Such foods contain no preservatives, dyes, nitrates, gluten, soluble carbohydrates or chemicals. They are most beneficial when the animals have some type of allergies linked to wet or dry processed food. Raw food does have drawbacks though. The FDA advises dog owners to observe some simple hygiene rules when serving raw food to their pets. This is to avoid any severe health problems.

In dog food that is not raw, the contents typically include bone meal, meat, animal digest, offals and other byproducts. Lots of dog owners think that the packaging enables dog food manufacturers to use low-quality ingredients in pet food. Nonetheless, the FDA imposes numerous rules that dog food manufacturers have to abide by. These rules share similarities with the rules that are used to regulate firms making human food. By introducing these rules, the FDA ensures that dogs are given the most wholesome food possible.

Dog owners love their pets and want healthy food to feed them. With numerous brands competing with one another for a market share, it is no surprise to see some good ones in grocery shops and pet shops.

By adhering to some simple hygiene principals, pet owners can be sure that they are feeding their dogs the best food available.

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