Pest Control Dos and Don’ts To Watch For Around Your Pets

When it comes to doing pest control around your pets, there’s some serious mistakes you need to avoid. Not taking proper precautions around your pets when doing pest control can end up harming your pets.

  1. Don’t use the same pest control products for cats and dogs – Cats and dogs are two different species, which means any treatment you use on your cat shouldn’t be used for your dog and vice versa.
  2. Don’t let pest infestations get out of hand – You should never let a pest infestation get to a point where it’s severe. Ignoring a pest control problem can have serious affects on your pets health.
  3. Don’t let your pest control slip – Just because you can’t see a pest problem, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Always keep your pest prevention routine in place, even if you’re not suffering from an infestation.
  4. Be careful with green options – There are alternative methods out there for pets when it comes to pest control, but you should always check with your vet because these can still be harmful.
  5. Treat your pet’s favourite spots – When treating a pest infestation, treat your pet and then all of the places around your home they like to relax. Having your pet lay down on a pest infested bed will make sure they catch them again.
  6. Indoor doesn’t mean safe – Some pest control products are for use indoors. This does not mean it’s safe to use around your pets.
  7. Don’t administer human medicine – Health products designed for people should never be given to your pets.
  8. Don’t over treat or under treat – Make sure you talk to your vet about the right dosages for your animals size.
  9. Always keep up pet treatments – Don’t leave your pets vulnerable to pest problems by not treating them at all. Keep up your pest prevention routine.
  10. Don’t use human pest repellent on your pet – If you’re concerned about insect stings or bites, don’t spray your pet with human pest repellent. It can be harmful to their skin, and will be poisonous if they lick it.

If you are in any doubt, it is usually best to call on the professionals. Contact your local veterinarian for starters. Then contact a pest control company for safe and effective pest control treatments. We live in the London area, and always get in touch with Empire Pest Control who have been brilliant.

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